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Legal features of mobile payments

Legislative support of mobile payment services in Russia has so far been poorly developed, which imposes a large number of restrictions on the actions of operators, partners and users. Obviously, to solve this problem, it is necessary to improve the legislative base: to amend existing laws and create new ones.


Dismissal of the sole executive body of the organization

The management of the organization is usually carried out by the sole executive body, in its turn the sole executive body may have the following names of the positions of the head of the general director, director, president, executive director, etc. All these concepts are usually identical, but the most common term - "CEO".


With a jug overseas

The Russian banking system has yet to earn a reliable image. Too stormy were the recent cataclysms. Yes, there may be many reasons why our so-called natural persons think about the possibility to open an account abroad, and not in one of the Russian branches of foreign banks. The question is how to do it.


Sorry, the bank is sold out

Large mergers and acquisitions in the Russian banking market (Vneshtorgbank - Guta Bank, Societe Generale - DeltaCredit, Raiffeisenbank - Impexbank) cause increased interest of financial analysts and the media. Newspapers and magazines are full of details. Terms of transactions, the future of management, prospects of acquirers. All this is very cool, but does not give an answer to the question of what to do for customers of absorbed banks.